Feel the Sound!
It may look like a cushion, but don't let its appearance fool you! It's an instrument.
Sound comes out of it. Taikofon® FeelSound Player creates a soundscape, or a `sound bubble´ around the listener allowing use of low volumes and creating feeling of closeness. The comfortable feeling of sound is experienced in the whole body and skin. 
The audiocontent for Taikofon® FeelSound Player comes from a host device such as smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or other kind of audio equipment with Bluetooth or AUX cable. The suitable content either to relax or to envigorate can be downloaded from internet, from for example Spotify.
Taikofon® Feelsound Player has easy-to-remove and 30°C-machine-washable cover with four colour choises. The delivery package contains micro-USB cable with USB charger and 3.5 mm/ 1.5 m long charging cable. The battery life will last for up to 8 hours.
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Flexound® Xperience ABC

Taikofon®  FeelSound Player, thanks to its patented Flexound® Xperience technology, enables you to both hear and feel sound in a new and amazing way.

A for Ambience stands for soundscape. a soundbubble around the listener enabling to hear the sound even with low volumes.

B for Base stands for body listening to feel the bass in your body.

C for Clarity stands for listening with your ears and feeling the sound with your skin.


 The multisensory experience of the sound can relax or invigorate you, help you concentrate, delight and bring you pleasure


The soft and huggable design invites to take Taikofon® into your arms!


Based on the feedback the Taikofon® FeelSound Player is experienced as:

Relaxing - the muscle stiffness is reduced and the bodyawareness is increased, both leading to improved performance

Calming down more easily - to sit still or to relieve sleeping difficulties

Increased ability to enjoy - to have pleasant and rewarding experiences using the soft and huggable Taikofon

Improved ability to concentrate - to focus on the task, activity or discussion at hand

Improved ability to communicate more actively - by voice, song or dance

Choose your favorite audio content from internet radio or music you have downloaded, choose a channel from say, Spotify, enjoy the audio from internet TV or YouTube, make playing more fun, immerse yourself in the world of audiobooks, meditate, dance or anything else that you can think of.

Feel the Sound!












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