What is that? I can feel the sound!

What is Taikofon?

The Taikofon is a FeelSound Player that, thanks to its patented technology, enables you to both hear and feel sound in a new and amazing way.

It may look like a cushion, but don't let its appearance fool you! Sound comes out of it. It vibrates and you can feel it against your skin. It feels nice to press your cheek against it or stroke the sound with your hand. Placed under your neck, its sound vibrates round your head. You can hug it. You can curl up with it to rest. It's just like having a living creature snuggling up to you.

It is Taikofon!

Taikofon has received many new features!

We have added an input for an audio cable. Now you can acquire a separate 3,5 mm audio cable and connect your Taikofon to a TV or to a CD player. Audio cables are sold in various electronics stores.

Now also the remaining amount of battery life can be observed through sound and led signals. The new user guide has the detailed information on that.

The battery life will now last for up to 8 hours.

The charging cable is now 1,5 meters long and detachable.


  • The Taikofon is easy to use and safe: you can hug it, you can lie on top of it, or even wrestle with it – the Taikofon is built to be a part of your life.

  • The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to an audio source, for example, a tablet, smart phone etc.

  • You can freely choose what audio content to use with the Taikofon: you can listen to internet radio or music you have downloaded, choose a channel from say, Spotify, use it to enjoy the audio from internet TV or YouTube, make playing more fun, immerse yourself in the world of audiobooks, meditate, dance or anything else that you can think of.
  • The Taikofon creates a high-quality, personal and extensive multisensory audio experience: the sensation of feeling the sound enhances its perception.

  • With the Taikofon you are still able to hear what is going on around you and you are present for others without disturbing them – you still have your own world of sound without needing to block others out with headphones.

  • The Taikofon is not a loudspeaker, but has inside it a vibrating unit that makes sound waves resonate.
  • The cover of the Taikofon is made from high-quality and easy-to-clean fabric. If necessary, the cover can be taken off and washed.

  • The multisensory experience of the sound can relax or invigorate you, help you concentrate, delight and bring you pleasure.

  • Taikofon is a Finnish invention and the first member of the Flexound Systems FeelSound product family.
Taikofon at work
We carried out a survey amongst the test users of the Taikofon in the autumn of 2014. The Taikofon was tested by therapists from various fields during authentic therapy sessions, as well as by children and young people whose families used the Taikofon in their daily lives.

Based on the feedback from the test users, the Taikofon was found to be beneficial as it helped the user to:

  • Relax - muscle stiffness is reduced and awareness of the body is increased, which both lead to better performance
  • Concentrate - to focus on the task, activity or discussion at hand
  • Communicate more actively - by voice, song or dance
  • Calm down - to sit still or to relieve sleeping difficulties
  • Enjoy - to have pleasant and rewarding experiences using the soft and huggable Taikofon

ANTTI, aged 15 

Concetration, relaxation

Antti, who is hyperactive, has trouble concentrating on the task at hand whilst sitting at a desk. His thoughts wander and any visual stimuli in his surroundings occupy his attention. The Taikofon helps Antti to focus his attention on the task at hand: Depending on the task, Antti uses the Taikofon as a work surface or a back rest. Music played through the Taikofon and the resulting sound feeling takes Antti's attention to where it should be. On long car journeys Antti keeps the Taikofon on his lap – the thumping of the basslines of his favourite band calm Antti down and makes travelling easier for the whole family.

ELLEN, aged 7

Activation, interaction

To begin doing something is difficult for Ellen, who is autistic. Her body and mind are somewhere else and Ellen does not seem to notice anyone else. The sound and feeling coming from the Taikofon touch the skin and penetrate deeper. They get even Ellen to become interested and it is possible to see surprise, delight and interest in her face. Ellen's level of vitality rises and beginning activities in therapy situations becomes easier once the therapist has been able to make contact with Ellen using the Taikofon. Ellen's attention is best captured with animal sounds. The Taikofon activates interaction with the therapist and Ellen has also learnt to make choices and express her wishes regarding the sounds played.

JUULIA, aged 13


Juulia has cerebral palsy and as a consequence of the muscle spasticity it causes, she has to go regularly to a physiotherapist who manipulates her tight muscle membranes. Unfortunately, the pain is often unbearable for Juulia. Lively Juulia also loves to tell stories, but talking increases the tightness in her muscles during therapy. Listening to her favourite music through the Taikofon under her head helps to take Juulia's mind off the pain, thus making her feel significantly more comfortable. As a result her whole body relaxes and the therapy and stretching become much easier. While listening to the Taikofon, Juulia sometimes takes a break from telling stories, which helps to further relax her body.

HILKKA, aged 74
Awareness of her body, enjoyment of sound

Motor agility requires being aware of one's body. Awareness of one's body can become weakened for many reasons, such as problems with blood circulation in the brain. For hemiplegics and those suffering from other types of loss of sensation, Taikofon can provide rehabilitative therapy. The sound waves from music make the Taikofon vibrate and as she feels the vibration of these sound waves on her body, Hilkka is better able to become aware of her body. Hilkka also loves to read, but her eyes often become tired. So with the help of the Taikofon, Hilkka plunges into the enchanting world of audiobooks or classical music.

RONJA, aged 5     

Speech learning and therapy, over sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)

Sweet little Ronja is over sensitive to sound and is terribly afraid of dogs. Ronja also goes to speech therapy where the therapist has used the Taikofon to let her experience the feel of phonemes on her skin and as an aid to speech practice. At home, Ronja's mother has, under the instructions of the therapist, used the Taikofon to gradually accustom Ronja to the sound of dogs. Lately, Ronja has even been asking her mother for "woof-woof" sounds. Taikofon  soft and safe and using it seems to ease Ronja's anxieties.

TONI, aged 10
Happiness and meaning

Toni is severely disabled and it has been difficult to find him a suitable hobby. Toni's life and being have sometimes seemed to be without meaning and this has been a source of worry for his parents. The Taikofon is easy to move from one place to another, so Toni can listen to it in bed, in his wheelchair or on a rug. Toni's absolute favourite though is the hammock; when he is there with the Taikofon in his arms, he has a broad grin on his face according to his parents. The Finnish band Fröbelin Palikat appears to be his favourite.


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