Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

Flexound Systems Ltd (Reg No: 2543635-3 )
Finnoonniitynkuja 4
02270 Espoo

Registry name:
Taikofon Shop online store customer registry

A person has been registered as a customer at Taikofon Shop online store or has ordered products from the online store.

How the registry is used:

The purpose of the registry is to maintain the Taikofon Shop online store customer registry and to process customer orders.

The registry is also used to track missing deliveries. The data can be used for development of the Taikofon Shop online store operations. Personal data will be processed in the manner defined by Personal Act Data. The data in the registry can be used to market Taikofon Shop online store.

Henkilötietoja käsitellään henkilötietolain määrittelemällä tavalla. Rekisterin tietoja voidaan käyttää Taikofon Shop verkkokaupan markkinoinnissa.

The data registered in the registry:

First and last name of the person, address, e-mail address, phone number, details of the orders

Disclosure of teh data:

Data will not be disclosed to any thrid party outside Taikofon Shop online store, except for Flexound Ltd’s use of external services such as payment services, encashment or handling the deliveries and return of the goods. The registered data will be destroyed at the request of the user.

The customer has the right to know about own personal data collected by Taikofon Shop online store. Data of children under the age of 18 are not collected without parental consent.

Protection of the registry

The registry is located on a secure server use of which is protected by usernames and passwords.