TaikofonĀ® in Therapy

to support the rehabilitation of children and adults

Taikofon® is originally developed together with Finnish therapists and professionals from different fields to meet the requirements of a high-quality therapy tool. Taikofon® is used in rehabilitation of children and adults with autism and development disorders, people with chronic pain, memory disorders, neurological and sleeping disorders, depression etc.

Taikofon® FeelSound Player 

  • utilises the interaction of the senses (multisensory integration)

  • engages attention and enables to concentrate on tasks

  • deepens the interaction and therapeutic discussions

  • relaxes or stimulates as necessary

  • helps in distinguishing sounds and speech


Taikofon® does not cover the ears or isolate in the same way as headphones

The limitless choice of audio content enables the use of Taikofon® in diverse therapy situations. 

Speech therapy and language learning is more effective when the sound is simultaneously felt. Based on experience from child occupational therapy sessions, the most useful mobile applications have animal sounds, musical instruments and games with shouts of encouragement and applause.

Taikofon® can be used as a work surface in the lap for doing exercises, behind the back as a support or behind/under the neck.

NICOLE is a happy 4-year old Down girl. She is a tornado with a strong will yet needing routines to survive through days.

In the evenings, her head is still full of thrills and actions of the day leading in a difficulty to calm down and get sleep. Today Taikofon belongs to her evening routines with soothing lullaby’s and Nicole is usually asleep within 10 minutes.

HILMA is a 10-year old girl. She has lost her ability to see and her mobility due to severe developmental disability. Her communication is limited to sounds, facial expression and eyes.

The sound travels from Taikofon to Hilma’s skin, body and bones into her consciousness. She expresses joy with a smile that was not previously seen despite of several attempts by her parents.

TONI aged 10 is severely disabled and it has been difficult to find him a suitable hobby.

Toni's life and being have sometimes seemed to be without meaning and this has been a source of worry for his parents. Toni likes to listen to Taikofon® in bed, in his wheelchair or on a rug.

JUULIA aged 13 has cerebral palsy and as a consequence of the muscle spasticity it causes, she has to go regularly to a physiotherapist who manipulates her tight muscle membranes.

Unfortunately, the pain is often unbearable for Juulia. Lively Juulia also loves to tell stories, but talking increases the tightness in her muscles during therapy. Listening to her favourite music through the Taikofon under her head helps to take Juulia's mind off the pain, thus making her feel significantly more comfortable. As a result her whole body relaxes and the therapy and stretching become much easier.