Information for therapists
Taikofon is a new comprehensive tool for therapy, which has been developed together with Finnish therapists and professionals from different fields in accordance with their wishes to meet the requirements of a high-quality tool.


  • utilises the interaction of the senses (multisensory integration)
  • engages the client's attention
  • deepens the interaction with the client
  • relaxes or stimulates as necessary
  • makes it easier to concentrate on tasks
  • motivates and rewards
  • delights and amazes
  • makes therapeutic discussions easier
  • helps in distinguishing sounds and speech
  • makes an impression by creating a private or shared "island of sound"
  • does not cover the ears or isolate from the environment in the same way as headphones
  • is easy to carry
  • is easy to clean, safe and easy to use
  • is soft, huggable, easy to approach and non-threatening

The limitless choice of audio content enables the use of Taikofon in diverse therapy situations. By changing the audio content, the desired effect can be reached: calming down, interaction, relaxation, raising vitality etc. There is a wide selection of audio content and applications for therapy available these days. Different kinds of games, exercises and therapeutic games are all optimised with the help of Taikofon. The Taikofon can be used as a work surface in the client's lap for doing exercises, behind the back as a support or behind/under the head. As they do exercises or play games, the client receives sensory feedback from the Taikofon, which motivates, aids concentration and is pleasant. Speech therapy and language learning is more effective when the client also feels the sound. 
In child occupational therapy sessions, the most useful mobile applications are animal sound applications, musical instruments and games which have shouts of encouragement and applause. For more tips on how to use Taikofon, please visit our Facebook page. Join us and share your best practices! Taikofon is being continuously developed in collaboration with several Finnish and international experts and researchers.