Taikofon FeelSound Player, Perla

379,00 €

Taikofon is a FeelSound Player that enables to hear and feel sound in a new and amazing way. As a near-field device, Taikofon is an ideal tool to improve experience of sound by creating a personal space through sound scape, experience of body listening through the base sounds and skin feeling with clarity of the sound.The multisensory experience of the sound can relax or invigorate, help to focus on task and to enjoy. Taikofon combines the benefits of music therapy and vibro-acustic therapy and is used in therapy for people with special needs, children care, elderly care and wellness. 

Taikofon is manufactured with particularly high in regards to precision and continuous control. It has a twelve-month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Measure: 47 x 33 x 15

Weight: 1,3 kg

1 m charging cable

Battery: Lithium 3,6 V under 2 Wh

Battery life is 8 hours when fully charged

Wireless connection via Bluetooth from smartphone or tablet; connection distance 10 m

3,5 mm audiocable to connect the headphone output of the sound source to Taikofon's AUX connector

CC, CE and FCC