Musictherapy has been shown to be beneficial for people with memory disorders. One form of memory disorders is dementia leading to communication difficulties and isolation. Source:

The experience in elderly care has shown how Taikofon® calms down and support the communication with the feeling of sound from familiar songs.

HILKKA, aged 74, use Taikofon® for the rehabilitation from cerebrovascular diseases. Motor agility requires being aware of one's body. Awareness of one's body can become weakened for many reasons, such as problems with blood circulation in the brain. For hemiplegics and those suffering from other types of loss of sensation, Taikofon® can provide rehabilitative therapy. The sound waves from music make the Taikofon® vibrate and as she feels the vibration of these sound waves on her body, Hilkka is better able to become aware of her body. Hilkka also loves to read, but her eyes often become tired. So with the help of the Taikofon®, Hilkka plunges into the enchanting world of audiobooks or classical music.

Taikofon® is also beneficial for people with hearing loss through the multisensory experience. The loss of hearing sound is completed with the whole body listening and skin feeling.