Through improved body consciousness Taikofon® decreases anxiety, overactivity and supports focusing on task at hand. Taikofon® is huggable, you can rest on it and communicate with it.

RONJA, aged 5 is oversensitive to sound (hyperacusis) and afraid of dogs. Ronja also goes to speech therapy where the therapist has used the Taikofon® to let her experience the feel of phonemes on her skin and as an aid to speech practice. At home, Ronja's mother has, under the instructions of the therapist, used the Taikofon® to gradually accustom Ronja to the sound of dogs. Lately, Ronja has even been asking her mother for "woof-woof" sounds and using Taikofon® seems to ease Ronja's anxieties.

ELLEN, 7-years old autistic girl has difficulties to begin doing anything. Her body and mind are somewhere else and Ellen does not seem to notice anyone else. The sound and feeling coming from the Taikofon® touch the skin and penetrate deeper. They get even Ellen to become interested and it is possible to see surprise, delight and interest in her face. Ellen's level of vitality rises and beginning activities in therapy situations becomes easier once the therapist has been able to make contact with Ellen using the Taikofon®. Ellen's attention is best captured with animal sounds. 

ANTTI, aged 15 is hyperactive, has trouble concentrating on the task at hand whilst sitting at a desk. His thoughts wander and any visual stimuli in his surroundings occupy his attention. The Taikofon helps Antti to focus his attention on the task at hand: Depending on the task, Antti uses the Taikofon as a work surface or a back rest. Music played through the Taikofon and the resulting sound feeling takes Antti's attention to where it should be. On long car journeys Antti keeps the Taikofon on his lap – the thumping of the basslines of his favourite band calm Antti down and makes travelling easier for the whole family.